Fusina welcomes you.

Today we are going to take you on a journey inside our company. This will be the first of a series of visits which will let you discover all the secrets of our work.

When we designed our new headquarters we wanted to create a place capable of stimulating the creativity and giving an added value to our territory, so we tried to establish a connection between the inside and outside spaces.

That’s how Fusina_Garden was born: a place where nature and art meet. Our guests are welcomed by the valuable works of Alessio Tasca in the beautiful Gathering Space. Alessio Tasca is an internationally known and rewarded ceramist and designer who shared with us some really satisfying experiences, among which the very beginning of Fusina.

Here you will find art works that are able to communicate, sculptures that perfectly fit in the space where they are placed, artists that can put the soul of the territory in what they create. This is the case of the “tronchi fossili” (petrified trees) sculpture made by Tasca, which blend into the natural surrounding where they are collocated.

An homage to nature and to the artisans knowledge that are around us.