We decided to celebrate the success Slowear Moving Window achieved by taking you directly inside the backstage of the project. We do this because we truly believe that without your support works like the one we present here would never be achievable. A short jounery through the images taken during the construction process will bring you to Andreas Murkudis’ shop in Berlin, where Slowear #MadeinFusina is displayed. Enjoy!

The concept
Slowear Moving Window was designed by Luca Bonato. It all started from the concept of roadside selling. This work is part of a wider research on mobile display solutions adaptable to the modern traveling world of sales. We began the research together with Cristiano Seganfreddo for Italia Independent, for whom we designed and created Movin’ Store.  And our future will surely be on wheels.

The fitting
Something in between a display and a shop window, this work catches the visitors’ attention and allow the firm to optimize the costs as it can be adapted to different display contexts. SMW is an elegant wood box, covered with polish plexiglas sheet on the inside and illuminated by neon lights. The cherry on the cake? The way light is reflected on the surface, looking like a colourful constellation.