The name is enough to evoke elegance, refinement, precision and technological innovation. Felice Limosani, a storyteller who consider the emotional approach a crucial step of the creative process. And us, Fusina, with the aim to combine that emotion with the best techniques.

It is a unique, tailor-made project drawn by Felice Limosani for Panerai Milan shop in Via Montenapoleone. A project in which craftsmanship and industrial dimension meet and merge.
The goal is to represent the concepts of time and tides, “two different phenomena that can be measured but also contemplated, inexorable events correlate with the human who is the master of his own time and history”.  The interpretation is not just about the technical issues (how to build the structure and to make it work, how to make the movements fluid), but also about the shape. Clocks of this quality have to be installed in a prestigious display, in which mechanics and engineering are combined with aesthetics, design and sophistication.
A structure in which even the smallest detail is important. A clock that is magnified and dismembered, as an explosion which amplifies the moments, which transforms time in something different, a new work dimension in which minutes are marked by the water tides with the gears exposed. Sprockets, weights and counterweights have charm and beauty just like the mechanisms of the clock.
A project that won us over. The story of an installation that we are pleased to describe from the beginning until the end, and which we are very proud of.