Perfume, design, art: once more Fusina collaborates with Avery Intertrade group for the fitting of their boutiques. Our team, together with Agenzia del Contemporaneo, worked on the fitting of Avery perfume gallery’s new corner in Fortnum & Mason, the famous London store which is the official supplier of the British Royal House. Art and elegance are the most important concept we wanted to highlight while working on the area dedicated to the artistic perfumery brands. For the display we chose copper structures, details in Italian white marbles and precious fabrics.

Avery Fortnum&Mason Fusina


Avery Fortnum &Mason Fusina

These same materials were used also for the fitting of Avery Row, the brand’s first shop in London, here in a darker shade:

Fusina Avery Row Londra

Fusina per Avery a Londra

Of course, the protagonists of these concept are the scents, which become true sensory experiences created to be remembered. To enhance them we created blown glass boules that allow the customer to directly smell the perfumes.

Boule Fusina per Avery Fortnum&Mason

#MadeinFusina design brings the elegance inside the environment, using the indefinite essence of the perfume.