Con la testa fra le nuvole

Sosopesi Come 001-1

Enrico Minato – Sospesi Come… (2010)


Insect Battle 001-1

Pascal Bernier – Insect Battle (2005)


Geografia Umana 001-1

Silvano Tessarollo – Geografia Umana (2006)


Combat Tiepolo 001-1

Antonio Riello – Combat Tiepolo (2004)


The Void 001-1

Charlotte Mumm – The Void (2007)


This limited serie of t-shirts was designed by Fusina in collaboration with five international well-known artists. The serie is called “Con la testa fra le nuvole” (With the head in the clouds) because the creators analysed and reinvented the concept of flight. Each t-shirt was produced in limited numbers.

AD MEMORIAM – Parallels Project


Fusina creativity is not limited to the world of retail: we also work in the the world of furniture, design and vintage aircraft restoration (see Hangar section). Over the years, different projects challenged our creativity and technical skills. Ad Memoriam is a project we are particularly proud of.
It comes from self-interrogation on personal memories. “Fragments of life. Ethereal and delicate farewells that every day come to life within every breath”. Poetic moments which artists, designers and architects have interpreted with ethical and visual commemorative works.

Sculptures that inspire and stimulate reflection. Each project reveals a different story represented through the materials chosen from the artists. Porcelain, aluminium, glass, silver, plexiglass, quartz, copper and gold are matched together in order to create numbered sculptures that can be placed in everyday life furniture. Artistic objects that respect the memory and highlight the artwork breath, the poems, the uniqueness. A celebration of life that never goes overlooked.

House Jewellery created by Paolo Quagliotto, true art works that can be exhibited with pride. Unique works created by artists such as Urs Luthi, Andrea Anastasio, Luca Bonato, Claudio Silvestrin, Elena Didonè and Giulio Gianturco.