Shapes, colours, materials, imaginationFashion and luxury shop windows need to be something more than just a mere exposition of products: they need to convey ideas, they have to be original representations of the brand’s own identity. Increasingly, they become spaces of artistic expression.
Fusina is always on the move between the most important European fashion cities to create windows fittings which meet these requirements.

Colours inside Officine Slowear shop windows

vetrine Fusina Raspini Firenze 2

For the Venetian clothing brand Officine Slowear our team created the fitting of the Raspini shop window in Florence.
We created a triangle shaped theatre wing in soft panels on which a Futurism-inspired scenery is printed. The same printing is reproduced on the stool on where the two mannequins are seated, in front of the panels. Elegance and colour are the protagonists of this window.

Fusina vetrine Raspini

Lights inside Parmigiani Fleurier shop windows

For the prestigious Swiss wristwatch brand Parmigiani Fleurier, Fusina flew to London. Inside the brand’s store in Mount Street, in the heart of London luxury shopping area, our team worked on the fitting of a window designed by digital storyteller Felice Limosani: the watches are displayed on thick plexiglass sheets, printed and carved, in which led lights are inserted.

Vetrina Parmigiani Londra

The elegant optical effect was obtained by exploiting plexiglass’s great light conductivity. The scenography was completed by the “Yes Please” slogan that illuminates the whole composition.
A stage presence made of geometries and lights which surely draws the passer-by’s attention.