Soccer players, journalists, artists, managers and many others. They are the guests of Comodamente, a festival which took place last week in the city of Vittorio Veneto. We will try to describe it to you.

What does Comodamente represent for us, the display partners? We see it as an opportunity to think, to differently design the spaces, to find something new in usual spaces and objects. A cue to challenge our creativity, looking for new questions and new answers. A provoca(c)tion, with the “c” in brackets because we see it as something that provokes us and pushes us to the action and transformation. A transformation which becomes surprise: something that, entering in our daily life, stimulates our creativity and calls into question ideas that we could take for granted, but that we otherwise decide to provoke.

The city changes its face, hosting jazz concerts, philosophical debates and artistic installations, creating a lively atmosphere of wonder and creativity. Architecture opens itself to new solutions and gives new life even to cement cubes. You can meet expressions of design at every street corner, always changing your perspective. Photography, journalism and politics become art.

What is Comodamente? “Three days to disturb the well-acquainted, to take revenge on everything that too easily defines what is real, not considering what is possible. All that staying comfortably seated in an urban living room”. An opportunity to change your point of view, to let yourself be surprised and amazed.