Fusina @ Mauro Grifoni per FuoriSalone 2013

Fusina per l'evento di Pizza Connection

Fusina @ Mauro Grifoni per FuoriSalone 2013

During Salone del Mobile the streets of Milan are crowded with designers, students, bloggers and onlookers. FuoriSalone events are famous for being the most creative and…tasty.

This year we worked for Mauro Grifoni on two different projects.

We dressed the windows of his boutique with structures and retrò graphics which recall the outlook of the ice-cream maker designed by Matteo Cibic. As you can see in the pictures, it was a dispenser that contained real saffron ice-cream (the traditional Milanese ice-cream called “gelato meneghino”). The people who tasted it said it was yummy, and we also tried it.

The second assignment Mauro Grifoni gave us was to create an installation for the launch of the 5th issue of the independent magazine Pizza. Matteo Cibic, together with IUAV University, invented the name of this special event: The Pizza Connection. The location was Corridors and Stairs, a lab where we are always pleased to go. Right here, last February we presented another installation.