To create a display for fairs means to communicate a brand’s identity and values through a physical space.

A good installation connects imagination with pragmatism, creativity with convenience, identity with values.
We reinterpret the brand philosophy in a new, physical way. That’s why our installations are always something more than just a place where people meet: they are lively spaces where our clients show their product’s true essence.

We design and produce installations for fairs including furniture, walls and complementary objects when required, and the result is always a uniform, effective and captivating project ready to be installed.

Milan Fashion Week

René Caovilla

allestimento milano fashion week Fusina per Caovilla

Vinitaly 2016

Foss Marai

allestimento stand Vinitaly Foss Marai by Fusina

The runway show


allestimento sfilata Krizia by Fusina

The images do not depict objects in prompt delivery but must be considered only as an example for the creation of new products.