Fusina at ORIGIN: Fiera di Vicenza’s new format dedicated to the young international and Italian fashion talents.

For a whole weekend Fusina moved to Fiera di Vicenza, taking part in Origin, a brand new event dedicated to the world of fashion. Our designers often create displays for fairs and exhibitions, but we prefer to stay behind the scenes and not to participate as exhibitors. This time we made an exception, convinced by the passion and creativity that could be perceived in the international environment created by Origin.



We decided to go beyond the limits, creating an open space that visitors could cross, look to and experience. An urban garden sprinkled with elements Made in Fusina. We wanted to represent the style and quality that Italians put in retail design, from plaques to displayers, from shop’s fittings to artistic collaborations, all purpose-made.

Next to the expositions of young international fashion designers, the Italian companies based in Veneto region showed their best: Bonotto‘s fabrics, Valplastik‘s creations… each one of our firms have the qualities needed to compete in the international dimension of the retail design.