The new Points of Purchase created by Fusina for the design object series Shop Philosophy by Foss Marai come from a reinterpretation of shapes and colours.

rendiresto hills fusina per foss marai dettaglio

Shop Philosophy, a limited edition series of displays and Points of Purchase made to enhance Foss Marai’s shops is already a synonym for elegance and style. Christmas is the perfect occasion to create design objects able to strengthen the beauty of the sparkle wine bottles, traditional symbols of festivity. With Shop Philosphy, once again Fusina accompanies Foss Marai on this voyage that started with the displays “Specchio” (“Mirror”) and “Ghiaccio” (“Ice”), followed by the glacette “Cristiana” and the ceramic vase “Frammenti” (“Fragments”).

The cash tray Hills

rendiresto hills Fusina per Foss Marai

The cash tray Hills is designed to recall, through touch and sight, the stunning landscape of the Prosecco vineyards of Guia and Valdobbiadene where the D.O.C.G. Foss Marai wine is produced.
We collaborated with master craftsmen from Nove, Bassano del Grappa, famous ceramic art district. We used a particular colouring technique to obtain chiaroscuro effects on the green surface.
A useful yet beautiful object that well represents Foss Marai brand’s identity: a strong connection with its territory.

The glacette Melting Pot

glacette melting Pot Fusina per Foss Marai

The creation of the glacette Meltin Pot was a real research project: we wanted to transform the appearance of this common object by turning it into a product carrying artisanal value. The glacette, made of plexiglass, can contain two Foss Marai sparkling wine bottles. The result is the outcome of two different actions: one aimed to give the glacette a new shape by using curved lines; the other focusing instead on the colour: a particular multicolour pigmentation was applied on the transparent base. Later, it underwent a process to become suitable for contact with food.

Thanks to this creative reinterpretation the glacette, an industrial product, becomes an artisanal, custom designed product whose pieces are never the same, each one characterized by small, unique details.

glacette melting Pot Fusina per Foss Marai