For Dainese, leader brand of protective sportswear, Fusina created displays that bring snowy peaks directly inside the stores

Fusina Dainese espositori

There is no winter without snow, especially if you are addicted to mountain and winter sports. Ski lovers know that nothing can compare to the feeling of being in the middle of pure white snowfields, surrounded by breathtaking views of high, snowy peaks, and sunny blue sky.

So why not to bring this special atmosphere in the shopping experience of those who enter a sporting goods retailer? This is what Dainese asked its long-time collaborator Fusina to do. Dainese is the world-leader manufacturer of protective sportswear who dresses, among the others, international alpine ski championship athletes. We created displays for ski suits, for men and women, destined to the Nencini Sport Store in Calenzano, in the province of Florence. 

Espositore Dainese Fusina Firenze

Fusina team worked on the whole process, from the initial idea to its implementation. Displays have a wide cubical base made of white expanded PVC in which the Dainese logo is digitally printed. Mannequins are placed on them, standing out from the background: three overlying panels at different levels representing snowy mountains. Our UV LED digital printer allowed us to print high quality images. Thanks to the particular 3D effect, these displays guide the customer’s look through the perspective of the snowy fields on the lower part, up to the mountain peaks and to the sunny bright sky.

Fusina Dainese espositore montagna

Once more, Fusina put its efforts in the creation of displays, PoP, fittings and installation for retail design that contribute to the continuous renovation of the shopping experience.