Fusina Premio Marzotto 2015 luce

An elegant ceremony in a charming location, a prestigious reward to the Italian excellence, another prize made by Fusina. The winners of the fifth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Award were given by the jury a tangible object to remember the moment of their victory. During the last five years, the Gaetano Marzotto Award became a symbol of innovation in Italy. Inspired to the renowned Italian entrepreneur, the award is dedicated to those start-ups who better combine innovation, venture and society.

Fusina cubo design Premio Marzotto 2015

The prize giving ceremony took place last November, 26th in Milan in the presence of Matteo Marzotto and Cristiano Seganfreddo, respectively the president and general manager of Associazione Progetto Marzotto. Fusina contributed in the fitting of the charming Unicredit Pavilion, the new space designed by architect Michele de Lucchi where culture and business meet, by creating and placing big red cubes stamped with the association’s logo. We also created the prize, a plexiglass red cube with a rounded corner and the Gaetano Marzotto Award inscription carved with laser. The shape of the prize recalls that of the association’s logo. The white packaging is a case made using a special type of high density rubber foam.

Premio Marzotto Fusina design

Those who received the cube prizes are the winners of the different categories of the Marzotto Award: the Business Prize, the From the Idea to the Business Prize (reserved for those under 35), the Corporate Prizes and the Special Unicredit Start Lab Prize.

 Fusina Premio Marzotto 2015 serie design