Sometimes, while working on an environment’s atmosphere, you need to look at it from a wider angle. Team Fusina, together with digital storyteller Felice Limosani, worked on a prestigious location: the Italian Federalimentare pavilion Cibus at Expo 2015 in Milan. The universal Exposition is an extremely important showcase to the world; each pavilion offers to the visitors a unique experience in which spaces, shapes, colours and lights are gateways to distant countries.

The Cibus pavilion aims to describe and highlight particularities and excellences of the Italian food industry. Fusina, working on a concept elaborated by Felice Limosani, created a false ceiling and moving walls to give the space a new look. Our team worked on the technical details of the project, shaping one millimetre thin opaque white petals made of polypropylene that were hung to the ceiling.

The result? Walls and ceilings are completely covered with Dahlia petals that filter the light, multiplying and softening it at the same time. We respected the light shades of the environment colours, thus letting the visitors focus on the contents displayed.

Fusina allestimento padiglione Cibus Expo 2015

I petali dell'allestimento di Fusina per il padiglione Cibus a Expo 2015

The fitting reproduces the whole Pavilion look and concept, based on changing natural atmospheres, lights and colours.