Made by Fusina from an idea by Felice Limosani, Fragments is an audio-kinetic sculpture that reproduces sounds of the work of artisans while creating the Swiss Parmigiani Fleurier wristwatches.


FRAGMENTS – Miami Art Basel from Felice Limosani on Vimeo.

Producing an installation able to combine sculpture, sound and movement to create a captivating experience is quite demanding in terms of skills. Here is where Fragments’ beauty lies: in the wise synchronisation of each detail. The audio-kinetic sculpture made of sounds is based on an idea of digital storyteller Felice Limosani, and was developed by Fusina for the Swiss brand of luxury watches Parmigiani Fleurier.

The installation, presented last December at the Art Basel Miami Beach, was prepared and assembled on site by Fusina, who followed the whole logistic and transportation aspects, working side by side with professionals and applying mechanical skills to kinetics (the mechanism that transforms one movement into another), electronics, sound and space design.

Fusina installazione Fragments lavori

Fragments – euphonic soundscape

The heart of the audio-kinetic installation, entirely created and assembled by Fusina, are the four big trumpets hanging from the ceiling, oscillating like a clock pendulum and creating an endless soundscape. Gradually, 24 speakers activate from the corners of the room where the mirror walls multiply both the sound and the slow movement of these special “bells”.
What is the melody played by this orchestra? The sounds, recorded and elaborated by Felice Limosani, of the artisanal work inside the Swiss workshops Parmigiani Fleurier.

Fusina installazione Fragments2

Parmigiani’s brand experience

Fragments is an homage to the “sound soul” of the workshops where the careful and precise work of the artisans gives shape to the Parmigiani watches. The sounds of work become music in this installation.

installazione Fragments Fusina3

This way, we present the brand without actually showing the product, focusing instead on the emotion and the sensorial experience deriving from the acoustic interaction between space and sound. In such a particular context, like an art fair, the ability to take care of the whole creative and assembling process using technical skills and creativity, is what truly makes the difference.

Parmigiani gallery Fusina Miami