This month we worked on two different projects at the same time in the same place: Spazio Alcatraz inside the Stazione Leopolda in Florence. The fittings #MadeinFusina at Fragranze are the result of a collaboration with  Agenzia del Contemporaneo for Intertrade Europe.

This area was dedicated to the international talents gathered by Celso Fadelli (do you remember the Unscent Exhibition in Milan?). Here, among jellyfishes made of fabric, Kubiks, white pouffes and blue neon lights the perfume-makers exhibited their products. A minimal fitting with an atmosphere at the same time relaxing and mysterious. A place where you can smell, take a rest, and chat.

A project on wheels with an evocative name that recalls the brand launched at Fragranze. It is a big white container that ideally contains all the roads which led young entrepreneur Danielle Ryan to Florence. Plexiglas hemispheres inside which the visitors can breath the new fragrances, neon lights of their names, and a very innovative context where the video of the brand was shown.

Two fittings, two creators, a unique producer: Fusina.