Another side of Fusina’s soul: artisanal work and passion for flight meet inside the hangar that will house old airplanes and educational laboratories

Fusina hangar vispofly prato

New spaces, new routes, new ways to look ahead – and above: on May 22nd, at Arturo Ferrarin airport in Thiene, we inaugurated the Roma Tokyo Hangar Museum (RTHM), an innovative place that will house the historical airplanes of Vispofly, the brand created by Giorgio Bonato, technical expert at Fusina and a passionate airplane constructor.

Fusina hangar museum Giorgio Bonato

Fusina was partner and main sponsor of the event, which was organized with the collaboration of the Town of Thiene, Aeronautica Militare, Ansaldo Fundation, Il Vittoriale degli Italiani Fundation and the Japanese Embassy in Italy.
During the opening day a performance of the Aeronautica Militare fanfare took place. There was also an historical re-enactment of Donec ad metam, a famous motto by poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Fusina hangar museum inaugurazione

The Roma Tokyo Hangar Museum, a modern, barrier-free building, will house all the activities organized by the cultural association 87^ Squadron SVA, including workshops and educational laboratories on flight. The new space points to the future while celebrating the past and its heroic challenges: here we are restoring the famous biplane Ansaldo S.V.A 9, on which Gabriele D’Annunzio flew over Vienna dropping propaganda leaflets. On the same plane pilot Arturo Ferrarin, from Thiene, managed to complete the flight from Rome to Tokyo to celebrate the friendship between Italy and Japan.

aereo ansaldo sva Fusina vispofly

The project, supervised by Giorgio Bonato and his team, is a tangible expression of how both Fusina and Vispofly conceive work: while constructing airplanes and while creating fittings, installations and displayers, we always focus on the durability of our projects, on the technical skills, the careful selection of materials and methods, the ability to mix the artisanal knowledge with innovative solutions.

Fusina vispofly hangar museum aereo

Photo: Giuliano Basso e Nicola Cavedon