vreeland_orizzontaleLast February we worked at Palazzo Fortuny in Venice. Cristiano Seganfreddo, director of FuoriBiennale and member of the INNOVeTION Valley scientific committee, talks about the set up of the exhibition Diana Vreeland after Diana Vreeland:

«Meeting Diana Vreeland gave Fusina an incredible opportunity to work with new shapes and materials, not only from a physical point of view. The ideas of Maria Luisa Frisa and Judith Clark helped Fusina –  leader in displays for fashion – to leave the comfort zone and explore new territories. Fusina used new techniques to produce scenic displays which convey all the power of the work of Diana Vreeland. They used poor materials suck as glass, wood and iron to create an installation obsessed with precision and beauty, which were put even in the smallest detail,  invisible to an inaccurate looker. This is what that incredible exhibition gave us».