For the OffWhite temporary showroom in Milan, Fusina created an impressive lightweight architecture using mirror walls and flexible structures that blend with the environment.

Fusina showroom OffWhite notte

One of the most interesting challenges of those who work in retail design is to create shops and showrooms able to amaze at first sight. We use shapes, materials and lights to create architectures that “play” with the surrounding, sometimes contrasting with it, sometimes almost disappearing in it.
Thanks to their flexibility and lightness, temporary showrooms are the type of structures that can be innovated the most. Fusina is specializing in these architectures: we design surprising and efficient solutions for each context.

The stylish young clothing brand Offwhite, created by Virgil Abloh, dj and creative director of famous rapper, producer and fashion designer Kanye West, chose Fusina to work on the temporary showroom in downtown Milan, in a building in Turati street. The structure’s walls, four-meter tall and twenty-meter long, are fully covered with mirror plexiglass. The ceiling is made of a particular thermoforming tarp that let the light in.

Fusina showroom OffWhite interni

Fusina created this extraordinary structure which is designed to be assembled and dismantled rapidly, in just three days, and to resist the weathering caused by the outdoor placement.

The project, designed by the North American architect studio Family New York, aimed to recall the look of the American skyscraper walls: the mirror surfaces meet this requirement, and they give to the visitors the impression of the structure blending with the surrounding. A presence that perfectly integrates with the urban space, powerful and extraordinary at the same time.

Fusina showroom Offwhite esterno

Fusina showroom OffWhite specchio

From a fashion metropolis to another, Fusina team flew to London where OffWhite once again commissioned us the fitting of its brand at the famous department store Selfridges. Coordinating the work on field, we chose the best materials for the finishing respecting time and cleanliness requirement of such a particular location as Selfridges is. For the walls and shelves we used a special decorative cement plaster applied by hand; then we created the mechanical scoreboard sign.

Fusina OffWhite Londra Selfridges

Fusina OffWhite interni Selfridges

The ability to coordinate different competences in different locations, the choice of the best materials, the precision of technical work are the characteristics that enable us to create unique fittings starting from innovative ideas through which each brand communicates its own identity.