Fusina has now a new home in Milan, where a showroom was opened last April in Durini street.¬†Artistic installations, plexiglas displays and other creations made by Fusina’s atelier will be shown in the Italian capital of art, design and style, a city that this year acquired great relevance thanks to the Great Exposition.

Fusina Milano

The new location, where Fusina not only will display its projects but will also create an archive that anyone can explore, is situated in Durini Palace, near Piazza San Babila. During the last edition of Salone del Mobile exhibit, the inner garden was the venue of the presentation of Bonottoeditions, a fashion and design textile firm’s new collection. Fusina worked also on the fitting of that event.

Fusina Milano giardino

In this new adventure, Fusina is not alone. Together with Bonotto, also Agenzia del Contemporaneo and Intertrade group share the same location in Durini street. During these demanding times, when networking is paramount, is particularly important to share the same space with people with which we have a deep affinity in the way we perceive style, ideas, creativity and work.