The artistic and historic context in which Fusina was born, and Carlo Bonato’s Arch, the brand’s logo, exhibited in Bassano del Grappa until August 21st

L'arco in plexiglas di Carlo Bonato in mostra a Bassano

An opportunity to learn more about the artistic roots of our territory, a journey back to the origins for Fusina. All this is the exhibition 1946 – 1975: the roots of innovation, organized by the Association Lampi Creativi, based in Bassano del Grappa. It will be open at the Museo Civico until August 21st, 2016.
The retrospective, organized by Elena Agosti, Marco Maria Polloniato and Fabiola Scremin, exhibits for the first time, through a hundred of artworks part of a private collection, the story of a unique creative season. During this unrepeatable period, between the Second Post-War years and the mid 70’s, the artists modified and innovated the already relevant artistic heritage of the territories of Bassano and Nove del Grappa, traditionally important ceramic factories.

Arco di Carlo Bonato Fusina foto Mariotto Lampi Creativi

A sculpture, a brand logo: Fusina’s Arch

The season presented in the exhibit is, not by chance, the one in which Fusina was born, in Nove – Bassano del Grappa in 1970. Among the exhibited artworks, the one that gave immediate recognisability to our firm is also displayed. Between 1970 and 1975, objects that were at the same time works of art and artisanal productions were created. In this period, an innovative choice was made by Carlo Bonato – who left us recently – and his wife Lena, who pioneered in Italy the transformation of methacrylate blocks into works of art using mechanical techniques.
One of the first results of this innovation is displayed at the exhibition: the extraordinary Carlo Bonato’s Arch, with its powerful, tangible and at the same time light and flexible presence, soon became our firm’s logo.

Carlo Bonato e Arco scultura logo Fusina

Many of the local talents at that time were not given the credits they should have received. They managed to bring innovation inside many different art forms so typical of this territory, contributing to its uniqueness. They transformed arts into the so-called applied arts: ceramic (Candido Fior, Federico Bonaldi, Cesare Sartori), jewellery (Graser), printing (Armando Martini), glass (Arcangelo and Giovan Battista Parise), textile (Renata Bonfanti and Elda Pavan Cecchele), interior design (Piergiorgio Guasina, Luigi Sabadin) and photography (Luciano Svegliado).

Sculture di Carlo Bonato arco plexiglas Fusina

A season to look at with admiration but without useless nostalgia, knowing that, even if nowadays the challenges are different, the artisanal knowledge and the strong connection with the  identity and the tradition of our territory still remain as fundamental values for any firm, especially for Fusina.