The moving installation in mirror Plexiglas recalls the fairy-tale atmosphere of the carousel

Fusina Unscent Land particolare

An olfactory amusement park where only fragrances guide your path. Once again, Intertrade Group chose Fusina to create a fairy-tale installation for Unscent Land, the scenography set at Stazione Leopolda in Florence during Pitti Fragranze 2015 (Sept. 11th-13th). The discovery of the new fragrances becomes a playful experience thanks to the lights, colours and scenic movements designed by art director Cristiano Seganfreddo and made by Fusina.

Our team produced an animal carousel, a modern version of the old merry-go-round, made of a rotating circular platform where all the animals are made of mirror Plexiglas placed in ascending order from the top down.

Fusina Unscent Land installazione

While rotating, monkeys, dogs, birds (the same animals in ceramic can be found in the Avery Perfume Gallery shops) are illuminated by the coloured lights and reflected on the playful surrounding environment further decorated with artistic fabrics inspired to the perfumes.

Scimmie, cani, uccelli (gli stessi animali che, nella versione in ceramica, si possono ammirare nei negozi Avery Perfume Gallery), girando vengono illuminati dalle luci colorate, e riflettono tutto intorno le sagome ingigantite, in un gioco di richiami luminosi con gli altri arredi e i tessuti artistici ispirati ai profumi che riporta alla mente giostre e spettacoli dell’infanzia.

Fusina Unscent Land installazione animali

This installation perfectly matches the magic atmosphere of Pitti Fragranze, the most renowned international event in the field of artistic perfumery.