Black wooden panels carved by Fusina constitute the fitting created for the Foss Marai stand at Vinitaly 2016.

The passion for elegant design is what Fusina and the prestigious Italian sparkling wine brand Foss Marai have in common. Already, in the past, we worked on the Shop philosophy project: we created a series of displayers and points of purchase in limited edition for the brand’s shops. Once again, Foss Marai chose Fusina to create the fitting for its stand during one of the most relevant events regarding wine and spirits: Vinitaly 2016.

Allestimento Fusina Foss Marai Vinitaly 2016

The event, that celebrates this year its 50th edition, took place from April 10th to April 13th at Veronafiere. It attracted more than 100000 exhibitors from 140 countries.

Empty shapes, full shapes

For Foss Marai stand, our team created some large panels using elegant black wood, carving in it the shapes of bottles of wine. We placed the panels against the walls of the stand, alternating them with colourful, oversize profiles of Foss Marai wine bottles to decorate the space.


Allestimento Fusina stand Foss Marai Vinitaly 2016


The fitting was completed by the Glacette Cristiana, an ice bucket/displayer in silver fibre glass, and the ceramic vase Frammenti, created by artist Paolo Polloniato: respectively the second and third elements of the Shop Philosophy series designed by Fusina for Foss Marai.


Allestimento Fusina Foss Marai Vinitaly 2016 glacette


Allestimento Fusina stand Foss Marai Vinitaly 2016 vaso

Refined shapes and materials to elegantly and uniquely interpret Foss Marai presence at Vinitaly.

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