Vetrina realizzata da Fusina su concept di Felice LimosaniInterno del negozio G&B Negozio di BresciaParticolare della parete realizzata da Fusina nel punto vendita G&B Negozio

Visual merchandising. Retail. Design.

These concepts are our daily bread: we have more articles than coffee in our everyday life. But there is always someone more crazy and visionary than us in the surroundings, and in them we find a stimulus to our creativity. This happens – often, fortunately – each time we work with Felice Limosani. For the G&B Negozio shop,  designed by Baciocchi&Associati Studio, we collaborated for the creation of the shop window and the stairs wall.

Faces and words, sounds and lights, luxury and creativity.

Here the passers-by stop and observe. They see a face that talks, than stops, than repeats. In the near shop-window a minimal sculpture is placed. LED lights turn on and off apparently not following any kind of logic. One step backward, and everything suddenly make sense. The alternation between light and dark, a prefect synchrony between music and words: each sound now becomes electricity.

A man, or maybe a woman, goes inside the shop.

He, or she, is welcomed by luxury and elegance. They reach the stairs, which are magnificently illuminated. They take the first step, than the second, starting to look around and touching the wall near them: it is smooth and rough at the same time. It seems like a thousands tiny bubbles of air got trapped in the surface. An interesting material.

The man, or the woman, smiles. We smile.