Masks: objects created in ancient times to cover the face. Used to affirm the identity rather than to hide it. Over the centuries shamans, doctors, religious figures, warriors and actors have been recognized thanks to the artefacts they wore on their faces. Up to the present days, when bands such as Kiss have chosen to wear black and white masks to be unique and unrepeatable.

Developing an idea of Avenue Services, we created a face for those modern masks that help to define us and give importance to our identity: sunglasses. To choose a brand such as CoSTUME NATIONAL means to recall a specific identity of glamour and rock’n’roll style. On the display we have created, these two elements are very strong and they are recalled in an unexpected way. A face can be seen through the fabric and it is framed by contrast. This perception is created with two completely different materials, plexiglass and fabric. The ability to make these materials talk together constitutes a custom made design.

A project in which mask and identity are all in one. Glamour and rock’n’roll are two sides of the same coin. A display with an artistic soul, in which each element contributes to create a result of great effect.