Car wash and Denim, a moving installation for Diesel

While working on this new fitting made for the clothing brand Diesel, Fusina took inspiration from the always changing world of fashion. Collaborating with digital storyteller Felice Limosani, we created an always transforming installation that renovated the store located in Piazza San Babila in Milan.

Spazzole Diesel Fusina

The result is a space where the static clothes stand out by comparison with the constant movement of six four-meter high brushes made of Denim, the fabric that symbolizes the whole brand. As in a real car wash, their movement is almost hypnotic, multiplied by the surrounding Plexiglas mirror sheets.

Installazione Fusina Diesel

The material we used helped to create a dynamic environment which conveys the idea of a process of change, implying the final acquisition of a brand new look. Visitor looking at it has the illusion of a return to the past, when as a child he or she stayed inside the car, staring at the rotating brushes like on a carousel.

Installazione Fusina Diesel interno


Installazione Fusina Diesel esterno

The installation can be admired in San Babila store until the end of June, a tangible reproduction of the brand’s values: movement, energy, transformation.