At the main entrance of the international jewellery exhibition is the art installation designed by architect Elena Faleschini and made by Fusina.

installazione artistica Elena Faleschini VicenzaOro by Fusina
(foto La Presse)

Mirror, gold, silver: nothing better than a structure with great emotional impact to welcome the visitors of the VicenzaOro January 2017 Fair. Its surface reproduces precious metals, thus creating a fascinating and evocative effect. Fusina created this installation art starting from a project by architect Elena Faleschini. It was placed at the west entrance of the fair district where the first event of the year regarding the international excellences of jewellery took place, from January 20th to 25th.

The installation art: shapes and materials

A complex structure made of rectangular blocks of different dimensions aligned on different levels at the entrance square, dominated by the VicenzaOro – The Jewellery Boutique Show” sign shaped in capital letters. The awe-inspiring effect, which changes according to the time of the day, was obtained thanks to the material we chose to build the structure: wood blocks covered with gold, silver and mirror plexiglass that plays with the surrounding natural light creating bright effects on the shiny surfaces. 

installazione artistica VicenzaOro 2017 by Elena Faleschini e Fusina plexi
(foto La Presse)

The mirror plexiglass

An enchanting alternation of different shapes, sometimes enhanced by the golden reflections of the sunset, sometimes almost disappearing, blending in with the surrounding environment thanks to the mirror surfaces.
A visual effect of fusion with the environment that Fusina already created, using mirror plexiglass, on the walls of the temporary OffWhite showroom in Milan.

installazione artistica specchio VicenzaOro 2017 by Elena Faleschini e Fusina
(foto La Presse)

Installazione artistica VicenzaOro 2017  Fiera di Vicenza by Elena Faleschini e Fusina
(foto La Presse)

After the prize created for the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards, once again Fusina contributes to the success of a big international event as VicenzaOro, which strengthen the collaboration with Italian Exhibition Group – Fiera di Vicenza.