What is behind a display?

The first thing is the need to display an item. Then there is an idea: sometimes it comes from us, sometimes it comes from our clients. The next step is a technical study which leads to a graphic rendering: in it, you can get a glimpse of the final result. The last step is the production. Without this final step the idea would remain a dream, a drawing. Pinarello asked us to work on this final, more concrete part of the project: we had to produce a display for a carbon fibre bicycle. Our biggest concern was how to create a connection between the different materials: the carbon fibre, the plexiglas and the LED. We started from a work by Manuel Bottazzo. To enhance the qualities of the bicycle, the display needed to convey an idea of lightness and speed, recalling the impression of a downhill road. We used a unique sheet of plexiglas, curved it with laser, thus creating a display which fits perfectly with the bicycle.

Starting from the idea of a designer, the production technique we used added something more. Only when the carbon fibre met the plexiglas the final effect was obtained. The interaction between these two elements created an illusion in which the bicycle appeared to be suspended in the light, recalling the image of a steep descent under the wheels of the bicycle.