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During the design week in Milan we worked side by side with Limosani to the fitting of Between, a project created for the “Feeding. New ideas for the city” expo-event by INTERNI magazine. The event was dedicated to the EXPO 2015 and the issue of ecological sustainability.  International artists, architects and designers gathered inside the Milan University and exhibited their works. The place became an open air lab where people and ideas interacted and mutually influenced each others.

Between by Felice Limosani is dedicated to the problems of our society. A long, white banner flows between the colonnade of Ca’ Granda palace reading words such as “poverty”, “feed”, “artificial”, thus remembering us all of the contradictions of the modern times.

The challenge was a hard one: the banner had to flow horizontally between the old columns of the beautiful palace without damaging them. To avoid that, we had to limit the friction caused by 120 metres of banner that was 80 cm high. We made a temporary structure that embraced the columns and adapted to their diameter while sustaining the stripe. The structure was made of stainless steel plates, rollers and two electric engines that allowed us to control the flow speed. Our technicians installed it in a few hours, but the visitors enjoyed it so much longer.