When it comes to retail design for fashion, everything (structures, furniture, materials) has to reflect –literally – the identity of the brand. This is exactly the case of the installation made by Fusina in Via Manin, Milan. For Palm Angels, a new clothing brand dedicated to young people and inspired by the style of the Californian skaters, Fusina collaborated with April Milano and created a long mirror Plexiglas box. An extremely innovative temporary store made with modern materials which contrasts with the Seventieth century palace of Via Manin, two buildings distant more than four hundred years in time.

Fusina Palm Angels esterno

Fusina Palm Angels colonne

The plain external structure hides the purpose of the box, and the polished surface perfectly reflects all the surrounding environment, thus recalling the golden light of the Californian sunset that illuminates the skaters’ acrobatics.

Fusina Palm Angles particolare

The same golden, shiny surfaces can be found inside the box as well, in the furniture and in all the details of the Palm Angels accessorizes.

Fusina Palm Angels interno

A similar installation made of golden mirror plexiglass was created by Fusina inside the Antonia Store, in Via Cusani, Milan, where the Palm Angels collection was displayed.

Fusina Antonia Milano

Here the fitting highlights the importance of using materials as an effective part of the communication strategy of the brand.