Ordinary is over, ordinary is back‘ was the theme of VicenzaOro Winter 2012. The organisers contacted us one more time to commission us the fitting of the party area inside Hox space, in collaboration with the Agenzia del Contemporaneo of Vicenza. Given the glamour soul of the event, we looked for a solution which would enhance both the place and the jewels, protagonists of the fair. We took inspiration from the sound of the sea, the sound of the waves breaking on the beach, sparkling in the sunlight. In this sea, the chandeliers become jellyfishes which gently illuminate the environment. The gold runs all the way down the walls, giving the illusion of the sand surrounding the visitors. Outside, big metal structures are covered with shining gold.

The gold of the craftmanship tradition of Vicenza, the sound of the ideas of our craftamen, the light of our installation: ordinary is over.