A special fitting Fusina made for Intertrade group and Unscent, where flowers, colours and fragrances blur the boundaries between what is natural and what is artificial.

serra esterno Fusina allestimento Unscent ph.Daniele Fragale

How did an elegant and mysterious greenhouse full of flowers end in downtown Milan?
The fitting Fusina made for the Urban scent garden, designed by Intertrade group for the Unscent event, is one of those projects that require great care to create a unique space able to convey many different meanings.

The sixth edition of Unscent, the annual date Intertrade group dedicates to perfumery, was held this year inside a building in the central area of Porta Nuova from March 31st to April 3rd.

Fusina allestimento Unscent serra ph.DanieleFragale

The fitting made by Fusina draws the attention from its own centre: vivid, powerful flowers are grafted into unusual places, such as cracks on the concrete-looking surfaces. If you look closely, in fact, you will see an elegant play of contrasts between what is natural and what is artificial, between colours and materials, where the only things clearly standing out are the fragrances.

The precious perfumes emanates from small phials hidden between the tulips on a long wooden table covered with a mirror film. Placed in the middle of the greenhouse, this fitting encourages the visitors to seek the invisible (the perfume) inside the visible (the flowers). A structure that, thanks to its mirror surface, contributes to the multiplication of reflections and ambiguities.

Fusina allestimento Unscent fiori 838B3667_ph.DanieleFragale

The scenery is completed by more perfume phials, flowerpots, plants, and gardening tools abandoned near the walls as at the end of a day of work.

Fusina allestimento Unscent profumi ph.DanieleFragale

Fusina allestimento Unscent attrezzi ph.DanieleFragale

For this special event Fusina created a magical space where colours, shapes, objects and materials convey an atmosphere of play and illusion.