Once more this year, Fusina created the special structure made of plexiglass for the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards at VicenzaOro January 2017

premio plexiglas Andrea Palladio Jewellery awards 2017 Fusina
Photo Fiera di Vicenza (Credits : De Grandis Paolone/LaPresse): Simona Zito, General Manager of Chopard Italia, Livia Firth, Creative Director and Founder of Eco-Age

It is always a great pleasure for us to create a design object destined to become a symbol of acknowledgment of creative excellence. Once more, Fusina had the opportunity to take on this task by designing the prize that was presented to the winners of the fifth edition of the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards, the new protagonists of the excellences exhibited at VicenzaOro January 2017.
The collaboration with Fiera di Vicenza (now part of the Italian Exhibition Group) in the designing of these prizes dates back to 2012. Over the years, elegance and originality always characterized the objects that were handed to the winners on the stage.

premio plexiglas Fusina per Vicenzaoro january 2017

Photo Fiera di Vicenza (Credits : De Grandis Paolone/LaPresse): Barbara Zambon, Boutique Manager Cartier – Venice, Corrado Facco/Managing Director of IEG – Italian Exhibition Group SpA e Paola Maugeri

The design behind the award

The prize giving ceremony for the acknowledgment of creativity, design, production, distribution, retail, communication, new media, Lifetime Achievement Award and Corporate Social Responsibility took place in Vicenza on January 10th.
On the stage, in the winners’ hands, was the prize made my Fusina: a small totem made of 4-centimetre thick, transparent plexiglass with a stainless steel base.
The engraved horizontal and vertical lines create, by changing the viewing angle, a particular effect known as moiré: it comes from the name of the fabric, usually silk, that is embroidered in order to acquire an iridescent effect. It is exactly this visual sensation, given by the movement of the lines, that gives life to this object, thus generating curiosity and fascination.

premio plexiglas Fusina per Jewellery awards 2017

Photo Fiera di Vicenza (Credits : De Grandis Paolone/LaPresse): Paola Bottelli, fashion expert and Editor of Moda24, Il Sole 24 Ore, Piergiorgio Borgogelli, General Manager Of Ice