Allestimento Richmond Juniori di Felice Limosani

This month our team put all its efforts in the new fittings designed by Felice Limosani for Richmond Junior. The result is a shop window that will touch everybody’s heart. Felice Limosani, whose name frequently appears on this website, is a true creator of emotions and images which are able to transmit the values and ideas of a company’s brand. We love to collaborate with him.

The fitting, that conveys the ideas of love and amusement, displays a big, bright heart, something in between a toy and a sculpture. We created this work by shaping a red plexiglass plate, and inserting in it dozens of light bulbs. At a single stroke the heart comes to life, enlightening one of the most captivating shop windows in Florence: the Luisaviaroma‘s one.

A lovers’ card for one St. Valentine’s day in Richmond’s style.