Design / Style

Fusina works in the field of P.O.P. We create original displays where the products can be exhibited and fully appreciated. Each one of our projects begins by listening to our clients desires in order to better understand their needs and particularities. The second step is the production, which stands between art and design. Our aim is to provide efficient work tools and aesthetically appealing products.

Production coordination

Fusina is also a team of professionals collaborating to achieve a common goal. Designers, workers, commercial managers both from inside and outside the company do their job in coordination. This allows them to double-check each step of the creative process, thus guaranteeing the control over the quality of the final product.


Forty years of experience in using raw materials to produce displays and window dressings gave us the competence we need to manage even the most complex projects, from small, accurate objects to large order tasks. We combine the flexibility and the small size of an artisanal studio with the clever use of resources of the big industrial companies. It could be defined “industrial craftsmanship”, a mix of high-quality materials and innovative techniques which can be found in each one of our products.


Some projects require the collaboration of external suppliers. This being the case, an efficient coordination of the work can make the difference when it comes to meet the deadlines. We manage the logistics aspects with rationality, organization and professionalism. The result is a prompt service at every stage, from the design to the installation and the disassembling of the displays, no matter how far you are.