Shop Philosophy:

from a display to a design item

Shop Philosophy project is dedicated to shops that care about style and flavour. The Italian sparkling wine brand Foss Marai collaborated with some protagonists of the design world to create unique items capable to combine aesthetics with functionality. Fusina designed two interesting objects: the wine display in plexiglas and the glacette Cristiana.

Tale Display by Fusina


The first element of the Shop Philosophy series was our customised plexiglas display for bottles. The displays, that acts as a frame for the wine bottles, comes in two different versions: the “Mirror” version – inspired to the elegance of the diamonds – and the “Ice” version, which recalls the perfect temperature to savour the sparkling wine. A table display with a strong personality that not only enhances the bottle, but also transforms it in a furniture solution.

Fusina_Glacette Cristiana_02


The second element of the Shop Philosophy is the glacette Cristiana. It is inspired to the rural world: the countryside, the vineyards, the farmers. The sparkling wine and its land…these are the images we sought inspiration from. Our aim was to create a multifunctional item: wine bucket, display and design object. The result? A glacette made using a particular process that consolidates fabrics previously soaked inside a special resin. The “Silver” version, the one you can see in the pictures, was made using silver fiberglass to obtain an effect similar to the juta fabric texture.


Our aim was to overcome the traditional concept of table display and create an item useful both for brands and shops, something capable to enhance both the space that surrounds them and the product they hold. This was our challenge regarding the Shop Philosophy project, and it was also what we liked the most about it.