Fusina created with ceramist Paolo Polloniato the precious vase Frammenti for Foss Marai shops

Style, taste, efficiency become tangible collector’s items. For the Italian brand of sparkling wine Foss Marai, Fusina created the third element of the Shop Philosophy project, which aims to value both the products and the shops with a series of displays and points of purchase in limited edition.

shop philosophy Foss Marai Fusina


After the counter display ghiaccio e specchio and the Glacette Cristiana, Fusina collaborated with young sculptor and ceramist Paolo Polloniato to create Frammenti, the precious enamelled ceramic vase that contains Foss Marai Cartizze superior prosecco bottles.

Vaso Foss Marai Fusina design

Land and conviviality

Carefully working on the whole production process, Fusina created the fragments which compose the textures of the artwork. Paolo Polloniato gave it a double meaning: the convivial atmosphere that can be found when people meet over a bottle of wine, and the earth intended as both the clay that becomes ceramic, and the soil in which the fruit tree grows.

Vaso Fusina Foss Marai packaging

A well-finished design that enhances Foss Marai bottles and the context in which they are displayed. Once again, a reference to the rural way of life and to the territory, which are important parts of the brand identity.