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LONDON LAUNDRY dirty clothes let us wash

Many Londoners would be concerned if they saw one of the oldest and most prestigious shop windows of London used as a launderette. Maybe, once they realized that actually it was the new installation for OFFICINE SLOWEAR to present their new collection, they had a cup of tea to relax. Fusina has been commissioned to recreate the concept of the American laundries in the 50s. And here it is, the new stunning installation we made at the famous Liberty shop in Regent Street, in the heart of the City. Once again, Fusina has demonstrated to be able to successfully manage installations outside the national borders. It was not easy to replicate the mood required by the customer but, thanks to our tireless creative office and the production department, we have succeeded brilliantly in the project. The floor has been paved with black and white squares and the walls have been painted in white. We placed the clothes hampers, scattered the clothes, hanged blue electric neon and, of course, fitted three gorgeous washing machines. The movement of the baskets plays the functions of both attracting the viewers, and drive them to discover the new collection through a series of spaces and carefully designed elements.

Bye bye … to the next adventure and don’t forget to watch the video!