Unravel, Heron Preston, Palm Angels and OffWhite: Fusina sets up the Parisian showroom for the four brands of the NewGuards group.

allestimento showroom OffWhite panoramica Fusina Parigi 2017

Four brands, four strong identities, a retail space. We worked hard to create inside one same place the set ups for four different fashion brands all part of the same NewGuards group: Unravel, Heron Preston, Palm Angels and OffWhite (for the latters, Fusina had already created the mirror-plexiglass box and the temporary showroom respectively, both downtown Milan).

The four different youth fashion brands have four different, well-defined styles, some of them with strong references to the streetwear, some others to contemporary contexts such as, for example, the Californian skate-boarders. These styles require to be well represented inside the exposition areas, where often the furnishing plays with unconventional elements. At the last Paris fashion week, Fusina was appointed to choose the materials and create the fittings of the four spaces destined to represents the brands’ identities inside the showroom.

  • Tables and lightweight concrete elements for the Unravel space

allestimento showroom Unravel Parigi 2017 by Fusina

  • Plastic sheeting, metal structures and concrete blocks for the fake construction site at Palm Angels

allestimento showroom Palm Angels Parigi by Fusina

  • Hangers made of concrete and wood, orange printed webbings for Heron Preston

allestimento showroom Heron Preston Parigi by Fusina

  • Mirror stainless steel tables placed on colourful arc welded wire structures for OffWhite

allestimento showroom OffWhite Parigi 2017 by Fusina

It is never easy to find the best way to transform the style and identity of a brand into materials, solutions and objects. It is even more difficult to adapt these solutions to the specific features of a given space. Team Fusina learnt how to make it with professionality thanks to a long experience of collaborations with countless fashion brands at both national and international level.

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