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A partnership between Isko and Strili Oro gave birth to the Bling Bling Denim Collection. Fusina was commissioned to create a fitting called Blue Flamingos for the collection launch.

We created the shop window and the fitting inside the jewellery brand flagship store in Milan following a concept by Jolita Manolova & Eva Mancuso. A glamorous fitting that guides the visitors inside a reserve populated by blue flamingos, exotic flowers and golden bamboo.

Blue Flamingo: Backstage

To create the Blue Flamingos was a sort of challenge: our team had to suggest the idea of jeans without directly using the denim fabric.
The solution?

We shaped the Bling Bling flamingos from a plexiglas sheet, and then printed the denim texture directly on the surface using our new generation flatbed printer. To give a glamour and vintage flavour, we superimposed some plexiglas layers to recreate the colour shades of the plumage, and some brass elements on the animals’ paws.

Now that you know the secrets of Stroili Bling Bling, enjoy the shop window! #MadeinFusina.