Pinarello’s lightness. Technical solutions.



What is behind a display?

The first thing is the need to display an item. Then there is an idea: sometimes it comes from us, sometimes it comes from our clients. The next step is a technical study which leads to a graphic rendering: in it, you can get a glimpse of the final result. The last step is the production. Without this final step the idea would remain a dream, a drawing. Pinarello asked us to work on this final, more concrete part of the project: we had to produce a display for a carbon fibre bicycle. Our biggest concern was how to create a connection between the different materials: the carbon fibre, the plexiglas and the LED. We started from a work by Manuel Bottazzo. To enhance the qualities of the bicycle, the display needed to convey an idea of lightness and speed, recalling the impression of a downhill road. We used a unique sheet of plexiglas, curved it with laser, thus creating a display which fits perfectly with the bicycle.

Starting from the idea of a designer, the production technique we used added something more. Only when the carbon fibre met the plexiglas the final effect was obtained. The interaction between these two elements created an illusion in which the bicycle appeared to be suspended in the light, recalling the image of a steep descent under the wheels of the bicycle.

Unifarco. Technical solutions.


Sometimes our clients show us their own ideas, some others they prefer to see our solutions. Unifarco commissioned us a display for lipgloss: they needed a versatile structure, easy to renovate and to move. We worked hard to combine their request with innovation and beauty.
The result was a simple but efficient display: the secret lies in the innovative idea of integrating the display with the product, leaving at the same time room for the brand communication, these tree elements working together to convey an idea of linearity. The part of the brand communication can be easily changed, thus giving a completely new look to the display. In fact, it can be used to display several lines of product at the same time.
The plexiglas remained pure, it was just curved without any screw or joint.

The Pesavento collections

Pesavento Totem


Knowing how to enhance a jewel through a retail display is an exercise that requires skills and tricks more than what is needed for other products. In a subtle game of balance, the jewel must be able to stand out in a dedicated setting despite its small size. The synthesis of style, elegance and design has given shape to this display that holds in its illuminated Plexiglas showcase the Pesavento collections, creating an “ecosystem” of innovation and authenticity.



Masks: objects created in ancient times to cover the face. Used to affirm the identity rather than to hide it. Over the centuries shamans, doctors, religious figures, warriors and actors have been recognized thanks to the artefacts they wore on their faces. Up to the present days, when bands such as Kiss have chosen to wear black and white masks to be unique and unrepeatable.

Developing an idea of Avenue Services, we created a face for those modern masks that help to define us and give importance to our identity: sunglasses. To choose a brand such as CoSTUME NATIONAL means to recall a specific identity of glamour and rock’n’roll style. On the display we have created, these two elements are very strong and they are recalled in an unexpected way. A face can be seen through the fabric and it is framed by contrast. This perception is created with two completely different materials, plexiglass and fabric. The ability to make these materials talk together constitutes a custom made design.

A project in which mask and identity are all in one. Glamour and rock’n’roll are two sides of the same coin. A display with an artistic soul, in which each element contributes to create a result of great effect.

D&G eyewear. Technical solutions.


Shops are wonderful places: there you can find big amounts of items, you can choose the ones you like the most, you can ask for advice, you can discover new shapes and colours. Unfortunately, there are people who go in the shops to steal. As a consequence, we all have to adapt to anti-theft devices. In the case of eyewear, this devices can be bothering: short threads, uncomfortable plaques and so on. During the years we have been creating displays which are beautiful and safe both for the sellers and the customers. In particular, we like to work on the interaction between the display and the products: the anti-thief device here becomes the structure where the spectacles are displayed. In this way, the sellers can relay on the fact that their products will not be stolen, and the customers will be able to see and try them as they really are, without any uncomfortable interference.

The Mont Blanc Tower


The amount of available space  inside a store has always been an issue which is in conflict with the need to expose as much products as possible. The customer presented us many requests: to exhibit in a clear and elegant display 22 pairs of glasses, to protect and to well illuminate them inside a case which would also highlight the firm logo. They required the possibility to display a large, interchangeable image on one side, and they wanted the showcase to move on wheels and to have a large warehouse.

In a few words, we had all the elements for a great challenge. The result is this object, made by assembling acrylic glass, wood and electrical components, that completely satisfies customer requirements and properly supports the level of the luxury brand internationally known as Mont Blanc.