Parmigiani: shop window

Parmigiani: la vetrina

Parmigiani Fleurier, the famous Swiss luxury watches brand, asked Felice Limosani to give new life to the brand through an artistic installation. The Italian visual storyteller involved us in this charming project.

“Time flies, but- terflies too”

This metaphor inspired the installation set up inside the Luisaviaroma showroom in Florence during the 86th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo.
The installation, designed by Limosani and made by Fusina, is composed by a pendulum left hanging inside a conservatory populated by butterflies. The pendulum symbolizes the relentless passing of time, while the butterflies guide the visitor inside a different world and rhythm.

The fitting, Made by Fusina

The structure of the pendulum (5×1,20m) is entirely made of aluminium to make it lighter and to facilitate the oscillatory movement. The butterflies conservatory (7x2x6m) is made of silver and blue mirror plexiglas. To finish the entire design and production process, Fusina only had ten days. A demanding work which reminded us of something: even within a limited amount of time you can create beautiful projects combining technical skills, creativity and energy.

Richmond Junior, a loveable window

Allestimento Richmond Juniori di Felice Limosani

This month our team put all its efforts in the new fittings designed by Felice Limosani for Richmond Junior. The result is a shop window that will touch everybody’s heart. Felice Limosani, whose name frequently appears on this website, is a true creator of emotions and images which are able to transmit the values and ideas of a company’s brand. We love to collaborate with him.

The fitting, that conveys the ideas of love and amusement, displays a big, bright heart, something in between a toy and a sculpture. We created this work by shaping a red plexiglass plate, and inserting in it dozens of light bulbs. At a single stroke the heart comes to life, enlightening one of the most captivating shop windows in Florence: the Luisaviaroma‘s one.

A lovers’ card for one St. Valentine’s day in Richmond’s style.

At school with Mash Junior

Mash Numbers (6)

Mash Numbers (19)For the last edition of Pitti Bimbo,  Mash Junior gave us the opportunity to play with the things the children use at school.

Numbers, arithmetic signs and letters of the alphabet are reflected in the mirrors and metal surfaces, thus creating optical illusions. Each element interacts with the others and changes its shape. The mirrors become bright ceilings, the hangers become lamps and the numbers become toys. The clothes are no longer (just) clothes, but the starting point of a game which involves the entire place.

The guiding thread of the whole setting is the light. It spreads everywhere, highlighting the clothes, reflecting on the mirrors and the metal surfaces, illuminating letters and numbers.

It allows a change of perspective, and you suddenly feel free to go back to childhood.