We wanted to post an article on the attention Fusina pays to the materials reuse. We thought about it, made it, reused it. Why? Because, for us, recycling not only is to transform the waste in something else – for instance, part of our industrial waste is transformed into the spray paint that is used to make the road markings –. It is much, much more.

Historical reuse: for the “Ad Memoriam” project, we asked the artists to reuse the objects of their memory to create works of art: fragments of their lives, because we all are the history.

Creative reuse: the idea, here, was to give objects a new life through art. That’s the reason why we decided to “adopt” the Gathering Space structure, made by the artist Gareth Hoskins for the 2008 Biennale di Venezia, which otherwise would have been demolished. Nowadays, reusing is a growing trend: from vintage to eco-design, the past becomes trendy. Your dream is to drive your grandfather’s old Fiat 500 or to use your grandmother silverware? Now you can do it with style!

Intellectual reuse: appropriation is a new way to communicate with the world: the ideas which some leaders transform into products, ads and brands change their shapes and meanings thanks to the intelligence and irony of people. We are in the Culture Jamming Era, where everyone of us can reinterpret reality through illusions which stimulate and change the perception others have of the world.

What tomorrow will bring? Maybe the emotional reuse?