Allestimento made in Fusina allo showroom Pal Zileri di Milano.

At the Pal Zileri showroom for FuoriSalone in Milan an international collaboration took place. The result was a mix of technology and handicraft tradition in which three nations worked together: the Italian tailor brand Pal Zileri, the Japanese textile firm Hosoo (established in 1688) and the Danish famous company Bang & Olufsen.

Audio devices, fabrics, men’s clothes: all of these exhibited in plexiglas cases made by Fusina. Our displays contained products of the three brands, and they were accompanied by a black information panel similar to a museum label. The case that stood out the most was 3 meters high and 2 meters wide. It contained all the pieces of fabric necessary to sew a men’s cloth. Fancy finding out how much room it takes!

Bang&Olufsen took care of the general atmosphere: they upholstered their famous Beoplay 9 Airplay Music System in Hosoo colourful fabric. The final result: an homage to quality and elegance.
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