Allestimento vetrine Harrods a Londra

Vetrina Harrods Londra allestimento Fusina per Officina Slowear

For the second time we moved to Great Britain in order to work for Officina Slowear. This time, we dressed two windows of the famous Harrod’s department store. Officina Slowear asked us to work on each part of the project, and to create something completely different from the “laundry” visual style made for the Liberty Shop the last fall. The key theme of the shop windows in Knightsbridge was far more traditional than the previous one and it was inspired to the atmosphere of the location. The focus was on elegance and refinement. The result was a quotation of the work of the famous designer Gio Ponti: geometrical patterns on the surfaces and very little, essential furniture. At the end, we can say that our mission was accomplished: we met the deadlines, and succeeded in creating and setting up the structures thanks to a logistic coordination from Italy across the Channel.

We are starting to dream about becoming members of one of those clubs which reuse in contemporary fashion old moquette and sofas. But this is another story, maybe we will talk about it next time.