A Fusina dynamic installation for London Replay shop window

A department store should be a social centre, not merely a place for shopping”: these words sound perfectly adaptable to the current situation of retail, which everyday more needs to differentiate from the e-commerce by including the experiential design inside the stores. Actually, those words were pronounced some time ago by Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder of the English chain of department stores Selfridges, whose shop windows are among the most beautiful in the world.

Fusina was asked to create a dynamic installation for the clothing brand Replay, to be placed inside one of the windows of the historic shop in Oxford Street, London. To enhance the great elasticity of the fabric used for the new Hyperflex jeans collection, Fusina created with Replay a moving mannequin that simulates a man running on a treadmill, framed by a structure that elegantly plays with perspective illusion.

The shape is surrounded by a series of concentric panels that, like theatre’s curtains, partially hide a Plexiglas wheel from where white treads unravel creating a cloud. A suspended world that pushes the runner from the static framework of the window out, towards infinity.

Fusina per vetrina Replay Selfridges


This dynamic installation overcomes the traditional idea of a static mannequin, giving the product life and movement, bringing it closer to the real, everyday life and, at the same time, to a more abstract dimension: the window invites the passers-by to go beyond, to imagine and dream.