Muybridge probably didn’t know it, but the horse has a symbolic value for the Chinese culture. It is one of the twelve animals that are part of the Chinese Zodiac, and it is believed that people born under the sign of the horse possess a positive, nice and pragmatic character.
Here in Fusina we hope that this new year will have the same qualities: it has to be strong enough to overcome the difficulties, it has to have the power to find new energy for the projects that are coming to life, and it has to have the optimism needed to believe that change is good.
That’s the reason why we decided to start this new year by showing you our latest work, dedicated to the horse.


We dressed for Slowear one of the Harrods’ shop windows in London. We aimed to reinterpret from a subjective point of view the Chinese culture.
The outside surface is covered with a film that, like a lens, help the customer to focus on the central part of the installation: the Horse in Motion pictures that Edward Muybridge took using the zoopraxiscope, an early movie projector. On the back, a screen surrounded by lightboxes #madeinFusina shows in endless loop the motioned pictures. The eternal return, Eastern and Western cultures, past and present times, all together in the same image.